2010: Year of the Baby

In the past 72 hours, there has be tremendous baby news for people around us — and not in the way you normally get this kind of news. One person is expecting a baby via surrogate in December; she just told the world as she’s had so many failures she didn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up. Another friend is taking a step with artificial insemination, and for some reason, I had a very psychic knowing before she told me — a vicarious nausea — I think she is pg. And, perhaps closest to me, James and Uma. We started orientation with our adoption agency on the very same day, and together, we went through the classes, saved seats at support groups for each other, and visited whenever we had our foster-adopt series in Redlands, where they live. James and Uma got a call a month ago from our social worker, who introduced them to a very, very pregnant person who wanted to place her child for adoption. They all got along well. They went with her to the ultrasound. And in a couple days, voila, the baby was born and Uma is a mom and James is a dad. They are a family.

But there’s no “just like that” with all of the above. When you hit 40licious, you realize how hard-won babies are. There are tears and tries and surprises and terrible miscarriages and disappointments when surrogates or birth moms don’t pan out. And then, at the end of it, there is a good news call, and a baby.

Blessings to those who have to work just a little bit harder. 

Vanessa McGrady2010: Year of the Baby

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