40licious Health: New Insurance Rules Help Women in Their 40s

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Complain all you want about “Obamacare.” Jeez, I’m sorry that his opponents coined that term, it’s so snarky. What part of a healthier country don’t you like? Why wouldn’t you want to help someone via preventative care now, rather than more expensive care for a traumatic disease later? If you can come to the table with better options that don’t cost any money, more power to you. Come and do it. How about you take some out of the military budget for some wars in which we have no business? How about we stop justifying this in terms of money, and start to think about our collective karma?

Anyway, I’ll just leave it at that before I get way off on a tangent that I didn’t mean to begin. But here’s some news from the LA Times about how new health care rules can actually work to the advantage of women in their 40s. For example, free cholesterol checks for women over 45, and mammograms every one or two years for women in their 40s. And hopefully, as women get to the doctor for free services, they’ll catch other issues along the way.

Here’s the story.

Oh, and if you’re going to complain about government health care, better wipe out Medicare too. And watch the riots begin.

Vanessa McGrady40licious Health: New Insurance Rules Help Women in Their 40s

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