I am all in love these days with the mother-daughter team of Barbara and Shannon Kelly, who have a blog and forthcoming book called “Undecided.” It’s about “analysis paralysis, grass is greener syndrome, longing for the road not traveled: How the success of the women’s movement has left us stumped in the face of limitless options — and how to get over it.”

When I met Shannon at a writer party, I felt like she’d put into words all the things I’d been feeling but couldn’t quite grasp in language. If I could have it all — marriage, children, career — why wasn’t I doing any of it very well? It has taken me this long, well into my 40licious, to get around to the marriage part, and hopefully soon, the child. I will spare you the long psychological navel gazing at this point. Let me just say that they are right on and always tackle something of interest to women of a certain generation.

Anyway. Go over there and read yourself some Kelly women.

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