40licious Health: MRIs Catch More Breast Cancer than Mammograms

My favorite picture of me and my dad, circa 1973

My father, Patrick McGrady, was a tireless advocate for cancer patients. His business was to find the best treatment for people, even if it meant they had to go to a doctor halfway around the world, or soak their feet in a weird vegetable brew. Most of all, he helped people find their voice when it came to their health. He made them insist on better treatment, not to take a death sentence as truth, and to fight like hell until they got what they needed. When they had no fight left, he fought for them.

A study announced yesterday affirms that although MRIs may initially have false positives for detecting breast cancer, repeated screenings can better identify trouble areas than mammograms.

Women in their 40s know their bodies. They know when there’s trouble, even if they can’t explain exactly what it is. They know when a doctor or insurance company is trying to get them out of the way, on the cheap.

I bring this study to you as a reminder to tell your doctor to look further if you think there’s a problem. To go to another doctor if you’re not getting what you need. To insist on that extra test, just to make sure. To climb the ranks if your insurance company is being a jerk.

It’s been said that well-behaved women don’t make history. When it comes to your health, nice doesn’t have a place at the table either.

I feel like my father’s daughter every day of my life, but today, especially so.

Vanessa McGrady40licious Health: MRIs Catch More Breast Cancer than Mammograms

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  1. Amanda Koster

    Thanks for this post. My aunt Donna went to 2 doctors insisting something was wrong. The first 2 said she was fine, but she knew. She told me her breasts were as hard as rocks. The 3rd doctor said cancer and she had a double mastectomy. Donna told me trust you body, trust your intuition, you will know if something is wrong.

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