Health: Walnuts Contain High Amount of Antioxidants

When it comes to antioxidants, you can go nuts. Walnuts, specifically.

A study revealed at the Natioanal Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society showed that walnuts are better for you in the antioxidant department than any other nut. Part of the reason is because they are usually eaten raw before roasting can erode the health benefits, unlike most other nuts.

We’re not supposed to worry about the fat, either, because it’s the good kind. Apparently you can do with about seven walnuts a day for the health benefits. A story in Science Daily remarks: “As for the calories, eating nuts does not appear to cause weight gain and even makes people feel full and less likely to overeat. In a 2009 U. S. study, nut consumption was associated with a significantly lower risk of weight gain and obesity.”

And I know you’re going to ask, so I’m just going to say it: Of course you can wrap chocolate chip cookies around your walnuts to help them go down a little easier.

You can read the full Science Daily story here.

Vanessa McGradyHealth: Walnuts Contain High Amount of Antioxidants

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