Profile: Sondra Wright, Author of “40+ and Fabulous”

Today’s Q & A is with Sondra Wright. She’s the author of 40+ and Fabulous: Moving Forward Fierce, Focused and Full of Life!, which is a truly inspiring book about women who have created positive change in the world, and insight from men on women who are over 40.

This is author Sondra Wright. Fabulous indeed!

1. What inspired you to write 40+ and Fabulous?

I have a young niece who is just the apple of my eye. Having no children of my own, laying eyes on her after she was born was the very first time I had experienced loving something simply because it existed. I want to do everything I can to leave the world better than I found it for her. The fact that women would suffer anxiety, sadness or depression at the idea of aging and especially crossing that threshold of forty and fifty, is hurtful for me. The numbers of women who are filled with dreams, goals and aspirations but see age as a barrier to accomplishing those things, are unacceptable. I’ve always been a champion of the underdog. Society has had a good laugh at our expense, bombarding us with negative, stereotypical images of the aging woman, for far too long. I decided to establish some new ground rules for women and aging that I hope will permeate our culture and become the new standard for aging. There’s not a single reason for women not to be as excited about our 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays, as we were about that 21st birthday.

2. What surprised you the most during your research?

The men!! Hands down it would have to be hearing from the men. You see, one of the most common and most painful stereotyped images of the 40+ woman, is her mate leaving her for a younger woman. And while it does happen, I was getting feedback from men who would not trade a 40+ woman for a twenty-something if she was handed to him Saran™ wrapped in a Ferrari. That’s the other reality that we never hear about, but we should. I was always told telling part of the story was the same as telling a lie. And we’ve been lied to long enough. So, I added a men-tell-all section to the book that I call Straight Talk and Men’s Thoughts on 40+ and Fabulous Women and let me tell you…it is one liberating shot of ego boost to say the least.

3. What were the most important things you learned that you didn’t know going into the project?

While I’ve been a business owner and a speaker for some time, 40+ and Fabulous is my debut book and so all the lessons that come with being a first time author were mine to be learned. The most important things though, had to do with me; the real strength I have in the face of adversity; overcoming obstacles, wanting to give up and being at that place where I felt as though I just had nothing left to give and then, reaching waaaaaay down deep in myself and discovering what I didn’t think was there. I learned that I’m stronger, more resilient, more gifted, and more talented than I ever thought I was or could be.

4. How did you pick your subjects? What was the criteria? After all, there are so many fabulous people in the world!

So true! There are many, many fabulous people in the world and I’m so grateful to know my share of them. For 40+ and Fabulous I wanted to share a sampling of stories of women from all backgrounds and all walks of life; women who were willing to be transparent and not just scratch the surface, and women that women could relate to.

Of the women in the book, I personally knew maybe 4 of them. For the others, I held sort of an internet casting call and selected from those who seemed most passionate about these stages of life. The women range in age from 40 to mid 70’s so there’s really something here for everyone.

5. Anything else you’d like to share about being 40+ and fabulous?

I always like to stress that being 40+ and Fabulous has nothing to do with the clothes you wear, the car you drive or the zip code you live in. 40+ and Fabulous is a state of mind. It’s how you look the world in the eye, shoulders back, head tall appreciating where you’ve been, treasuring where you are and looking forward to, with great anticipation, all you are yet to become. Move forward boldly and enjoy the journey, girls. Welcome to 40+ and Fabulous!

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Vanessa McGradyProfile: Sondra Wright, Author of “40+ and Fabulous”

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