Health: Do Something Physical Every Day

Back in the day, when I was more concerned about how we look than how we feel. (Photo: Seattle P-I)

When I was in my 30s, I made a career out of defending women’s “real” bodies. You know, the ones we see in the mirror but never on TV or in a perfume ad or a magazine. I wasn’t as concerned as how we looked or felt as what the American perceived version of beauty was. The most effective weight loss I knew was to have a massive, painful breakup with a guy who ended up moving right next door. Every time I looked out my kitchen window into him, I felt ill. I dropped two sizes.

Now at 40licious, I’m more highly attuned to what goes in — and stays on. I cut out alcohol and have all but nixed sugar (except for my slavish devotion to Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt). I know exactly how I will feel if I go ahead and have the Eggs Benedict. It has taken me a lifetime to learn to do something physical every day. For me, it’s either yoga, an hour in the gym, or a power walk with two dogs (benefit! Tired dogs are good dogs). When I don’t stick to this, I get wonky. I find faults with how my husband Steve (and pretty much everyone else) is conducting his affairs. My desk is messy. I’m more distracted at work.

When I do commit to doing something every day, life gets a little more manageable. I’m a nicer person and more efficient. And I look a tiny bit foxier in my jeans.

Feeling like you don’t know where to begin? Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong Foundation has some recommendations for 40lcious people like us.

Vanessa McGradyHealth: Do Something Physical Every Day

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