Relationships: Women in China Waiting Until Their 40s to Get Married

My mother took this picture of the happiest bride ever dancing. That would be me.

As a person who came very late to my first marriage, this story in the China Daily caught my eye. Apparently a growing percentage of women in China are rocking it so hard at work, that they are delaying marriage until well into their 40s.

I can’t say I had that amazing a career and that’s why it took me so long. The men I didn’t want to marry were throwing sparkly rings at me. The men I would have thrown myself in front of a train for a teeny weeny “I do” had no such similar ideas.

Or maybe, it took me until I was 40licious to be able to offer all the good things about myself to another person, and hopefully, leave the bad behind.

COMMENT: If you are 40licious and single, is it by choice? If not, what’s been the issue, do you think?

Vanessa McGradyRelationships: Women in China Waiting Until Their 40s to Get Married

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