Beauty: Britain Bans L’Oreal Age-Erasing Ads

When Julia Roberts was the Pretty Woman, we were also wearing midriff-baring shirts and skirts that could better be described as big belts. When Christy Turlington was in Duran Duran’s 1987 video, we were pretending to be Girls on Film in nightclubs. We all grew up together.

Recently Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority banned L’Oreal’s ads featuring Roberts and Turlington, saying that the photos of the 40licious women had been too doctored to fall within truth-in-advertising standards. Which reminds me of when Jamie Lee Curtis had a groundbreaking revelation in 2002 about what she really looks like without the Photoshop for a spread in More magazine.

Which makes me wonder if anyone at all really believes an over-the-counter cosmetic product could erase their life lines the megastars wear so beautifully on their faces? Come on, L’Oreal. We weren’t born yesterday. Far from it.

Vanessa McGradyBeauty: Britain Bans L’Oreal Age-Erasing Ads

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