Relationships: November is National Adoption Month

Hey 40licious ladies, and those approaching 40licious, and those who love us: I’d like to take this space to remind everyone that families are made in a lot of different ways. Some of us have struggled and suffered through infertility, with good and devastating results. Some of us marry into families and we become instant mommies or stepmonsters. We also choose are families from the people we’ve met along the way, who aren’t necessarily blood-tied to us.

Personally, my family is made from all the above.

November is National Adoption Month. Today and every day I celebrate because this is another way our little family was made. Last June, we got a call on a Friday about a possible situation with some birthparents. We met them, hit it off, and our sweet baby Grace was born four days later. We took her home from the hospital. To her home. I can’t imagine having another person as my child. We love her profoundly, as you love your children, no matter how they came to you. So please let’s keep talking about adoption, and foster care, and all the other ways families come about. Let’s remember that infertility might just be the beginning of the journey to your family, but in no way does it have to be the end.

Vanessa McGradyRelationships: November is National Adoption Month

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