Women in their 40s Are “Catnip” to Younger Men

Today we’re in the Irish Independent! The story is about how 40 is the new hotness.

Vanessa McGrady blogs at 40licious.com and regularly extols the many new-found pleasures of life after the big four-oh. She says: “The whole premise of my work on 40licious and the book I’m writing is that the 40s is really the sweet spot of our lives.” She explains: “We have a lifetime of experience and lessons we can use; we are at the height of our personal power; we’re earning more and we’re able to walk the earth however we want. We become more compassionate people and start thinking about the legacy we want to leave.” With so much to offer, is it any wonder many 40-something women are catnip to younger men?

Here’s the full story.

Vanessa McGradyWomen in their 40s Are “Catnip” to Younger Men

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