Do or Don’t: Popsicles for Breakfast? Yes! (Bonus: They’re vegan and sugar free!)

Popscicles! It's what's for breakfast!

Popscicles! It’s what’s for breakfast!

The other day Grace was helping me “organize” the kitchen cabinets, and came across the popsicle molds we used last summer. She started asking for popsicles, and I gave a vague, “Yes, OK.” For three nights in a row. When Grace gets an idea in her head, she’s on it like a bloodhound on a squirrel, keeping on it closely until the situation is resolved. So the fourth night, I said, OK, but they won’t be ready until tomorrow.

She’s the kind of kid who gets all Honey Boo-Boo if you give her even a cookie, kind of like her mama, so refined sugar is administered only on an as-needed basis such as emergency yogurt from a truck stop in the middle of the Arizona desert, for example. But here’s what we did: In a blender, we put a banana, juice of two oranges, juice of a lime, splash of vanilla and a splash of organic, unsweetened coconut-almond milk. And a drizzle of honey. And then we whipped that bad boy up and poured it into molds plus a tiny one with a ramekin and a bamboo spoon so no smoothie goodness went to waste.

When we woke up, I saw our creamy beauties in the freezer and didn’t want Grace to have to wait an extra day to eat them as she was going to her dad’s that night, so I made an executive decision: Popsicles and oatmeal for breakfast. And it was the Best Breakfast Ever.


Vanessa McGradyDo or Don’t: Popsicles for Breakfast? Yes! (Bonus: They’re vegan and sugar free!)

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