The Love You Take Is Equal to the Love You Make

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It’s kind of weird to be in the midst of a divorce on Valentine’s Day, a holiday I have mixed feelings about anyway. This year, I’m recognizing it as an opportunity to get all gushy over my friends and family. Plus, Grace’s artwork is piling up. So we decided to recycle AND spread the love by cutting hearts out from her school paintings, and then pasting them on art postcards that have been collecting in my stationary basket with no apparent destination. I love how the hearts — placed by Grace — changed the context of the photos. Now she wants to paste hearts every night. I can’t really argue with that.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a sampling of what we did.

Scan 43 Scan 38Scan 36Scan 37Scan 42 Scan 31Scan 29

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Vanessa McGradyThe Love You Take Is Equal to the Love You Make

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  1. liza

    Creative repurposing, such a great idea and I’m sure Gracie had a great time making these with you!! I love mine and feel honored to have one. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest heart I know!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Anne S

    I feel lucky and honored to know you. Know that your writings, your love, your art, and your presence on the planet make a great difference (to me, and many you’ve touched). So pleased to hear you know how to celebrate love – even in the midst of it all. (btw – Swerve is a perfect choice. Nice and befitting.)

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