To The Left, To The Left: Why I Swiped You Out of My Life


Never in my life have I consumed an alcoholic concoction to get rid of a hangover; this to me sounds like an express pass to a deeper circle of hell.

But after a recent ridiculous, disproportionate heartbreak, complete with Beyoncé on repeat, I decided to go for a little “hair of the dog” and go back online to date. OK, binge swipe, to be more accurate.

If there’s ever a game that taps into your most basic fight or flight instincts, Tinder is it—you evaluate people based on their attractiveness, the stories their pictures tell, plus a few choice words they may or may not include on their profile. You swipe right when you like someone, swiping left is “ta-ta, weirdo.” Some of you, of course, are completely lovable—diamonds in the pants pocket of a rummage sale.

But for the rest, here are just a few reasons why I swiped left:



Vanessa McGradyTo The Left, To The Left: Why I Swiped You Out of My Life

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