The Intersection of Money, Feminism and Parenting

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I loved being on this podcast hosted by Minki Jung. We talk about money, feminism, parenting, and why it’s critical for women to earn their own. Thank you for inviting me, Minki!

“I am grateful and because I think it all coexists. I have been the girl who was scraping the bottom of my change jar to figure out what to eat. I have been that girl who had bills piled up. I have been the girl who tried and tried and tried to get a job, and just couldn’t get anyone. I’ve been that girl, and so I do feel fortunate now. I don’t always know how it’s going to come. I don’t know from month to month. Everybody could decide maybe they don’t need me for work. That could happen tomorrow, but I am so profoundly grateful that I still get those calls, I still get those assignments. I still have people who want to work with me. I don’t take it for granted because I’m not so proud that I would never go back to waiting tables, but it would definitely make taking care of my daughter more difficult.

I found the balance for myself. I’m not saying that I could never live any other way because I feel like you always have to have a Plan B, and probably a Plan C and D as well. For now, this is what’s working and I’m very grateful that it is working for me.”



Vanessa McGradyThe Intersection of Money, Feminism and Parenting

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