Why. Is. This. Happening. Still.

I’m choking on this rape culture story today. I don’t understand the veil of protection around this sick creature who sits around in his XXL tidy whities, systemically burning our country to the ground. I don’t understand why a Hollywood mogul comes down and why the President (not my president, and really, technically, probably not anyone’s, because Russia won the election) stays in power. I guess the same reason why countless others before him — Michael Jackson comes to mind immediately, as does Woody Allen — get off free, hardly blemished. The fans and the money have spoken untruth to power. We love who we love. I mean, I get that if sexual assault to any degree hasn’t happened to you or someone you know you’re more likely to brush it off.

I don’t know how to make you have compassion and empathy around this. I don’t know how to make you want to nip this in the bud with the messages you might field around your co-workers, children, spouses, friends, strangers that somehow make it OK for a charming groper/rapist to get through the day like this.

Guys, please don’t let this fly, even if you’re not participating. Don’t encourage a rape-culture joke. It’s every time you laugh at someone’s crappy sexist thing they say. It’s every time you make your kid hug someone. It’s every time you interrupt a woman in a meeting, or see that happen. Call it out, every time. It’s called #microbullshit. Do you understand that words create culture? Belief, culture, normalization does not come in the form of a great tidal wave. It’s drop by drop, it’s particles that make waves. Rock the boat when you see it happening. Rock it hard until that other motherf***er falls out.

P.S. We keep track. We know who is with us and who is not. This is your official notice to step the hell up.


Vanessa McGradyWhy. Is. This. Happening. Still.

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  1. Bettyjoe Sheldon

    You are truly astounding. I have for years felt many of the feelings you so vividly describe. I have a story I only wish I could tell so completely. I honestly hope you are as happy and complete as you make me think possible.

    I hope another book is coming.

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