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    My husband and I fostered for a number of years …16 children ranging from a newborn to a 16 year old to her 5 month old failure to thrive baby. At one point had 3 car seats so had to get a bigger car! We finally decided we had to get a ‘keeper’ to counteract the pain of fosters leaving. At 50 years old, my husband and I ended up adopting two babies (18 month old and newborn siblings). We chose to not have an open adoption because of the scary, drug riddled lifestyle of the biological mother and her family. We have been open and honest with the information should they ever decide to look her up. Thank you so much for Rock Needs River…felt your pain and joy. Our kids are now in college (son premed to be a psychiatrist – daughter in the Navy). I dare anyone to say we feel less than birth parents do. A fabulous journey..

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