Three Cakes, a Mystery Pie and Coffee: How We Measure Time In Food Now

CAKE №1: VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE It’s the last weekend of February, and snow is dumping on the ground in a mountain cabin where I’m celebrating my birthday with close friends and my boyfriend, Al. My daughter, Grace, who is 8, has made me the most exquisite chocolate cake that happens to be vegan to accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions. It’s rich and so …

Vanessa McGradyThree Cakes, a Mystery Pie and Coffee: How We Measure Time In Food Now


I’m over the moon to announce the official Feb. 1 debut of my book, ROCK NEEDS RIVER: A MEMOIR ABOUT A VERY OPEN ADOPTION. It’s the tale of how I became Grace’s mom and our relationship with her birth parents, who became homeless and stayed with us for a while. Everything you could ever want to know is a page …


I Have Some News

Oh hi. So this happened. I am, of course, beyond thrilled.

Vanessa McGradyI Have Some News

Hi, Ghost Dad

I’m writing a lot about my family these days, and it’s tough to reckon all I think I know with what the actual facts are, once I dive in deep and really remember. I’ve been digging through photos and old diaries, and I also spoke with my older brother at length about what he remembers from his vantage point–growing up …

Vanessa McGradyHi, Ghost Dad

Why. Is. This. Happening. Still.

I’m choking on this rape culture story today. I don’t understand the veil of protection around this sick creature who sits around in his XXL tidy whities, systemically burning our country to the ground. I don’t understand why a Hollywood mogul comes down and why the President (not my president, and really, technically, probably not anyone’s, because Russia won the election) …

Vanessa McGradyWhy. Is. This. Happening. Still.

Need Some #ExtraLove? See You Sunday

Well, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to make people safer or more decent, or to dry tears or comfort strangers or give life back to the dead. The only thing I know how to do, really, is this. The next edition of #ExtraLove will be Sunday, Oct. 8 in Griffith Park. We’ll have 300 blank …

Vanessa McGradyNeed Some #ExtraLove? See You Sunday

The Intersection of Money, Feminism and Parenting

I loved being on this podcast hosted by Minki Jung. We talk about money, feminism, parenting, and why it’s critical for women to earn their own. Thank you for inviting me, Minki! “I am grateful and because I think it all coexists. I have been the girl who was scraping the bottom of my change jar to figure out what …

Vanessa McGradyThe Intersection of Money, Feminism and Parenting