Spirit: Naomi Wolf Busts the “Aging Myth”

“I know — finally — what I like to wear and am comfortable not bothering with what I don’t. I love not being in physical competition with other women. I love being able to appreciate the beauty of other women and feeling appreciated myself — and appreciating myself.”– Naomi Wolf Naomi Wolf is the embodiment of 40licious, and sums it …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: Naomi Wolf Busts the “Aging Myth”

Now Accepting Applications

We are now accepting applications for the 40licious Hall o’ Fame. If you are a regular reader, you may recall that there are about three people inducted; two of them not so famous, plus Michelle Obama. The criteria: 1. In the 40licious age range. In normal time this is someone who is 40-49 years old, but here at 40licious, all …

Vanessa McGradyNow Accepting Applications

40licious Hall o’ Fame: Michelle Obama

Not only does she get to regularly bed down nightly with the world’s collective crush.Not only does she teach her kids about locally grown food.Not only does she rock whatever she wears, even if it’s a big stupid plastic belt.Not only did she leave corporate America to become a community organizer. She also told Oprah this:“I think in my 40s, …

Vanessa McGrady40licious Hall o’ Fame: Michelle Obama

Scarf of the Week

This one was for Mashi for her 40licious birthday. She’s amazing for so many reasons — AND SHE IS THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE 40LICIOUS HALL O’ FAME! 1. She grew up in Mexico City with dreams of becoming a ballet dancer.2. Those sweet dreams brought her to Los Angeles, where she enrolled in a special high school and studied …

Vanessa McGradyScarf of the Week

40licious Hall o’ Fame: Fun With Pop Rocks

The link isn’t quite working directly; search for “Liquid Muse” on the site and pick “alcohol-free cocktails.” You’ll be glad you spent that extra four seconds. I hereby initiate another rockin’ person into the 40licious Hall o’ Fame: My good friend Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, aka The Liquid Muse. There are several reasons I could have previously put her right in there. …

Vanessa McGrady40licious Hall o’ Fame: Fun With Pop Rocks

This Time Will Be Different

Rodrigo y Gabriela This time will be different. This time I will not quit when it gets hard. This time I will pay attention. This time I will work and work and work until I get it right. This time, I will get good enough so that I don’t have to try. So that I can translate what is happening …

Vanessa McGradyThis Time Will Be Different

An Open Letter to Paul Schaffer

A few months ago, a lovely guy named Scott at work felt sorry for me when he learned that I had NO TV. So he cleared out his rec room/poker space and donated his television to the Irish-American Pop Culture Scholarship Fund, which happens to be housed here on Louise Street. So tonight I was watching said electronic appliance, and …

Vanessa McGradyAn Open Letter to Paul Schaffer