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The Love You Take Is Equal to the Love You Make

It’s kind of weird to be in the midst of a divorce on Valentine’s Day, a holiday I have mixed feelings about anyway. This year, I’m recognizing it as an opportunity to get all gushy over my friends and family. Plus, Grace’s artwork is piling up. So we decided to recycle AND spread the love by cutting hearts out from …

Vanessa McGradyThe Love You Take Is Equal to the Love You Make

Do Over! Becoming an Artist after 40

Rubenesque Landscape by Sharon L. Robinson This guest post is from Sharon Lia Robinson of Port Townsend, Wash. She has inspired a new feature for this blog, called “Do Over!,” stories about people who started something completely new in the middle of their lives. Thank you Sharon! I feel that I have always been on a pilgrimage. I have been …

Vanessa McGradyDo Over! Becoming an Artist after 40

Spirit: Really Want to Know You

You’d think that at 40licious you’d get more fixed in your beliefs. I think I am becoming more fluid. There are some basics that I know won’t change: I must exercise every day or I will get wonky and fat. I must be my best self and as nice as I possibly can be, in writing and in person, to …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: Really Want to Know You

Spirit: Alexander McQueen and why we need to move on our life’s work

I am in New York this week. This is the city that made me think and feel and act as I do. It made me love certain things and loathe others. When I am anywhere else, including my Los Angeles home, the world is in smudgy pastels. In New York, it is wild crisp color. I have the great delight …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: Alexander McQueen and why we need to move on our life’s work

DIY Wedding

As I’ve said about a million times on this blog, when you’re doing something right, the universe greases your wheels. But what about when you hamfist it? The universe basically throws gobs of bleh at you and makes you start over, refresh. Step away. Reevaluate. And you can’t have clarity until that clarity wants to wash over you like a …

Vanessa McGradyDIY Wedding

A Tiny Gift for Yourself

Poets.org will send you a poem a day to celebrate National Poetry Month. I am sure that a poem a day will soften hard edges and sweeten addled minds. It might even inspire you to greatness, or niceness, or peace. No, Love Is Not Dead by Robert Desnos No, love is not dead in this heart these eyes and this mouththat …

Vanessa McGradyA Tiny Gift for Yourself