Nesting Frenzy

Here’s what the equasion seems to be: Informed about better-than-expected tax refund + news about great trip to Japan for 10 days + anticipating a child in the home + madly in love with boyfriend = INTENSE NESTING FRENZY On my way to yoga tonight, I thought I’d buy Steve a sweater for Valentine’s Day to introduce the prospect of …

Vanessa McGradyNesting Frenzy

Orphan Christmas

First Annual Holiday Note to Self: Each year, you try to have a lower-key Christmas. You try to lessen your waste footprint and do only the things that are meaningful. But it mounts. You think you can get off easy after the note to the friends and family, “Hey, I love you madly. But I am laying low this season …

Vanessa McGradyOrphan Christmas

Getting Ready

My two nephews, 11 and 7, and I did a collaborative art project for the forthcoming child. We took a big old framed picture that my neighbor threw out — it was of these old-timey Italian men leering at a woman as she walked down the street. The assigment was to reimagine what could go in the space instead for …

Mad Lively WebGetting Ready

Introducing the Compliment Lady

photo: Stephanie Simpson I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce the Compliment Lady to you. She’s available for events and parties, and takes it upon herself to offer a free compliment to anyone who wants one. Sincerity guaranteed! You’ll see her later this summer at the Artwalk in Chinatown, and again at the Company Gallery in September. And who …

Vanessa McGradyIntroducing the Compliment Lady

A Christmas Tradition

Send your own ElfYourself eCards This is a little something I worked up with my brother Ilya, his wife, Gali, and their two sons, Jonathan and Adam. It was a little difficult to choreograph because some of us live in Israel and Copenhagen, and also, because Baby Adam can’t walk yet, but we are all talented and managed to work …

Vanessa McGradyA Christmas Tradition

Quantum of Soul-Ass

Dear James Bond, I’ve loved all your incarnations since I was a wee lass. They have fueled my passion for the perfect man. For the pithy quip. For the way to get something done just so. I loved you as Sean Connery, and Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore. Then, when I thought it couldn’t get any better, here comes hunky …

Vanessa McGradyQuantum of Soul-Ass