Yes, We Think We Can Dance

For some, it’s glorious to watch Phelps glide through the water as if he were wrought from the loins of Neptune himself. For others, the ceremony and passion of nations coming together in friendship and sport warms cockles and muscles. For the McGradys, however, we’ve found our competition … and we’re in it to win it. Ladies and gentlemen, sports …

Vanessa McGradyYes, We Think We Can Dance

I Made It – Part 2

And no, the red is not the blood. But maybe. When I was in college, greedily lapping up all the art-history and classical civilizations classes I could, I dated a sweet, sweet waiter named Christian. He was from Hell’s Kitchen. He didn’t know a lot about art, or literature, or anything that involved aesthetic sensibility. But he was a great …

Vanessa McGradyI Made It – Part 2

I Made It

I re-cut my movie, “40licious!” and this, folks, is the God’s honest truth of what happened when I went to see Barry Manilow for my 40licious birthday in February. I invited about 75 people. Eight came. Perhaps not a great turnout, but I was shocked — it was, probably, not the kind of thing I’d go to myself — that …

Vanessa McGradyI Made It

Salaam Garage

I’d like to take a few of these precious cyber lines to talk about my friend and collaborator, Amanda Koster. Amanda is a photographer. But not just ANY photographer. She’s one of the most socially compassionate people I’ve known. Ever. Her heart bleeds, much like yours and mine, most likely. But here’s the difference: Amanda sees some kind of injustice …

Vanessa McGradySalaam Garage

Called to the Carpet

I’ve owed Wildman a favor for a while. He kept his word to be in my play — even though we’d broken up the day before. So when he put the call out for help with an event he produces every year, the Vision Awards, of course I was up for it. I got all tarted up in my Christmas …

Vanessa McGradyCalled to the Carpet


DREAM(land) – Jail Gallery – May 10, 2008

Vanessa McGradyDREAM(land)

I’m not ready to come home

… except I miss Lucy, my dog. Especially today, when we rode bikes around the countryside and rambled around John Constable country. We watched lambs gambol in the field behind Loz’s house, and made fun of the ducks. It is truly Hobbitville here in Suffolk, in the southeast of England. Lu would have loved it. Don’t tell her. One of …

Vanessa McGradyI’m not ready to come home