In 1983, I was at Chimacum High School in the farthest boondocks of Washington State. I was 15. Alternately a good kid and a raging lunatic. I was woefully unpopular and growing out an unfortunate asymmetrical haircut. I was learning to drive and listening to the Stones and The Who and Duran Duran and I even lip-synched Irene Cara’s “Why …

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Soundtrack of Our Lives

Could It Be Magic – Barry Manilow When you’re 40licious, you have a very specific soundtrack to your life. My first memories of music were dancing for anyone who would watch in my dad’s home office, the long leather couch a stage, to Teresa Brewer’s “Put Another Nickel in Music Music Music.” Later, there was listening to disco and yacht …

Vanessa McGradySoundtrack of Our Lives

40licious: The Movie!

Birthday. Vegas. Barry. I am complete.

Vanessa McGrady40licious: The Movie!

Announcing the 40licious Hall o’ Fame!

Because I am officially now 40licious, and hence I can do whatever I want, I hereby announce the creation of the 40licious Hall o’ Fame! My first inductee is one Ms. Kathlyn Albright, my good friend and collaborator from the Seattle days, who just up and decided that she’s going to run the L.A. Marathon for her 40th birthday. Just …

Vanessa McGradyAnnouncing the 40licious Hall o’ Fame!