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Hey 47

Today I may have ruptured heretofore unknown internal organs from laughing so much over the last 24 hours, and quite possibly my heart, which is bursting from all the love I’ve been getting from nearly everyone I know, everywhere. Today I started a novel that kicked down the door of my inner life and finally spilled into words made of letters. Today I bought …

Vanessa McGradyHey 47

Style: Shoe Season Begins Now

Gucci “Lisbeth” red patent leather Mary Jane peep-toe pump The holidays are arriving quickly. I know this because I made a pumpkin-cream cheese swirly cake thing and ate half of it the day before I was going to enter it in the work Halloween baking contest. So I had to make another. (I won the contest, if you were wondering.) Which …

Vanessa McGradyStyle: Shoe Season Begins Now

Beauty: Britain Bans L’Oreal Age-Erasing Ads

When Julia Roberts was the Pretty Woman, we were also wearing midriff-baring shirts and skirts that could better be described as big belts. When Christy Turlington was in Duran Duran’s 1987 video, we were pretending to be Girls on Film in nightclubs. We all grew up together. Recently Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority banned L’Oreal’s ads featuring Roberts and Turlington, saying …

Vanessa McGradyBeauty: Britain Bans L’Oreal Age-Erasing Ads

Style: Don’t Be Invisible

If you have to be invisible, do it like Jessica Alba. My husband, Steve, and I got on the shuttle bus that took us from the LAX terminal to get our car. A woman in a pink sweatsuit got on. I looked at her. Matronly, short haircut. Of no particular color, just ashy. Maybe some makeup. Maybe some glasses. And …

Vanessa McGradyStyle: Don’t Be Invisible

Spirit: Naomi Wolf Busts the “Aging Myth”

“I know — finally — what I like to wear and am comfortable not bothering with what I don’t. I love not being in physical competition with other women. I love being able to appreciate the beauty of other women and feeling appreciated myself — and appreciating myself.”– Naomi Wolf Naomi Wolf is the embodiment of 40licious, and sums it …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: Naomi Wolf Busts the “Aging Myth”

Health: More Magazine Founder Speaks on Surviving Cancer, and Her 40s

I found a lovely blog, Breast Cancer Sisterhood, in which the author interviews a founding editor of More Magazine, Lois Joy Johnson. The piece is a nicely crafted perspective on health and beauty and what it all means after a cancer diagnosis. “Cancer really rearranges your priorities. It makes you grateful for good health and encourages you to take care …

Vanessa McGradyHealth: More Magazine Founder Speaks on Surviving Cancer, and Her 40s