Some New Year’s Thoughts for You

My grandmother Grace McGrady painted this, looking out her second-story window onto Central Park West at 85th Street. The flight from last year wasn’t nearly as desperate, it seems, as years before. Around here, 2010 was full of goodness and beauty. I married the best man I have ever met, and gained a beautiful new family as a happy byproduct. …

Vanessa McGradySome New Year’s Thoughts for You

The 40licious Bride: Part II

I’m a very practical person, which is handy, because I am also a very environmentally conscious person. Most of the stuff I have has been either gifted, found, traded, or ThriftScored. We’re trying to be as sustainable as possible with our wedding. For the most part, that’s easy. We’ve chosen a local caterer who uses fresh seasonal foods that don’t …

Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Part II

Instant Karma

I’ve been in LA five years and forget sometimes that you can have anything you want, pretty much simultaneously at the instant you want it. Money, food, French food, Thai food, Ukranian food, obscure vitamins and health products, shark fin, a maid, guns, cars, pets … the list goes on. And hair. Of course hair. This is the place where …

Vanessa McGradyInstant Karma

I wouldn’t normally read a magazine for 40-year-olds, except that they have a LOT of info for 40licious people. The thing that drives me nuts is when a gorgeous 40licious woman resigns and gets all frumpy before her time. There’s no fighting getting older, but at least, ladies, let’s do it in style. Oh, and don’t let the 19-year-old models …

Vanessa McGrady

A really important message

Bratz Dolls May Give Young Girls Unrealistic Expectations Of Head Size

Vanessa McGradyA really important message

Got some change

In my last post I expressed great desire for change. I got some! I’m not sure who I look like, but it’s not myself.

Vanessa McGradyGot some change

Operation Beautiful

I am a huge fan of Operation Beautiful. Here’s how it works: Write an anonymous note to someone on a post-it or whatever, and then just leave it for anyone to see. This could be in a public bathroom, on the bus, between the pages of a library book — wherever. It’s like adding a little change into your good …

Vanessa McGradyOperation Beautiful