Two Weddings

#1 – Saturday nightMalibu beach at night. Beautiful dahlias and matching red and orange tablecloths. Congressman with dentist-white teeth officiated, full bar. When I say “Malibu Beach,” I mean that. We were not allowed to go inside the historic mansion. Cold. Gathered around heat lamp. Sneaked back to cocktail area, swiped red shiny tablecloth and wore it as my wrap …

Vanessa McGradyTwo Weddings

Spare Change

If I weren’t so fiendishly devoted to Sue Ann Jewers, my sassy redheaded stylist from Chicago, I’d go here, on Abbot-Kinney Road. Just because of this.

Vanessa McGradySpare Change

Camping, 40liciously

This 40licious is seriously considering becoming a vegetarian again. I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of inquiries about where I’ve been from loyal 40licious.org readers. Thank you all for your concern! I couldn’t tell you where I was going, however, because I was delightfully surprised by a camping trip to an undisclosed location. Which turned out to be one …

Vanessa McGradyCamping, 40liciously

Salaam Garage

I’d like to take a few of these precious cyber lines to talk about my friend and collaborator, Amanda Koster. Amanda is a photographer. But not just ANY photographer. She’s one of the most socially compassionate people I’ve known. Ever. Her heart bleeds, much like yours and mine, most likely. But here’s the difference: Amanda sees some kind of injustice …

Vanessa McGradySalaam Garage

Hey Ladies! Don’t Do This!

Here’s another very important lesson from the 40licious Hall of Greater Learning and Regrets: Do not attempt to use a new bikini-line hair removal cream WITHOUT your contacts in and AFTER two glasses of wine. Pilots will have a very difficult time navigating the landing strip.

Vanessa McGradyHey Ladies! Don’t Do This!