Hey 47

Today I may have ruptured heretofore unknown internal organs from laughing so much over the last 24 hours, and quite possibly my heart, which is bursting from all the love I’ve been getting from nearly everyone I know, everywhere. Today I started a novel that kicked down the door of my inner life and finally spilled into words made of letters. Today I bought …

Vanessa McGradyHey 47

Spirit: 10 Useful Things to Know in Your 40s

Each year, Kathlyn makes a German chocolate cake for me, last year’s is shown above. She could stab me in the eye with a crochet hook and I would still love her for remembering the cake every year. Oh, and the bubbles? That was a byproduct of getting engaged. Today is my 43rd birthday. I am 40licious for the fourth …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: 10 Useful Things to Know in Your 40s

First off, thank you everyone, for the birthday greetings. I am so very touched and amazed by how many people came out of the woodwork (or Facebook) to say hello. And yes, it was one of the happiest celebrations of my life! Second, I wanted to clarify the math of 40licious. Here’s the great thing: You don’t have to do …

Vanessa McGrady

A Letter to the Girl in the Towel

Dear Current Occupant of My Former Residence on Rowena Street, Busted. You realized that, as you stood at the door, hair in one towel, another wrapped around your LA-too-skinny ass. I really tried to do this in the most civilized manner possible. I left a nice note. You didn’t respond. I went again, with hopes that you would be home …

Vanessa McGradyA Letter to the Girl in the Towel

I Made It

I re-cut my movie, “40licious!” and this, folks, is the God’s honest truth of what happened when I went to see Barry Manilow for my 40licious birthday in February. I invited about 75 people. Eight came. Perhaps not a great turnout, but I was shocked — it was, probably, not the kind of thing I’d go to myself — that …

Vanessa McGradyI Made It

40licious: The Movie!

Birthday. Vegas. Barry. I am complete.

Vanessa McGrady40licious: The Movie!

Today I turn 40

  And I’m so excited. It’s weird. I feel like I’m 9 3/4 going on 10. I know it’s just a number, a day like any other day, a random point in time that looks nice in our base-10 number system. But here’s what turning 40 as a symbol means to me: That I can do whatever I want. That …

Vanessa McGradyToday I turn 40