Three Cakes, a Mystery Pie and Coffee: How We Measure Time In Food Now

CAKE №1: VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE It’s the last weekend of February, and snow is dumping on the ground in a mountain cabin where I’m celebrating my birthday with close friends and my boyfriend, Al. My daughter, Grace, who is 8, has made me the most exquisite chocolate cake that happens to be vegan to accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions. It’s rich and so …

Vanessa McGradyThree Cakes, a Mystery Pie and Coffee: How We Measure Time In Food Now

I Have Some News

Oh hi. So this happened. I am, of course, beyond thrilled.

Vanessa McGradyI Have Some News


Vanessa McGrady#ExtraLove

When Moms Get Mad

  I’m tired of mommy wars and don’t participate. However. Sometimes something gets you so hard in the gut that you need to punch your way out. Here’s my response to Phyllis Schafley’s equally conservative and hypocritical niece, who is trying to basically set women back 60 years, as she’s thumbing her nose at everyone who is not a very white, …

Vanessa McGradyWhen Moms Get Mad

A Story of Microfeminsm in Five Parts

Microbullshit Stops Here, And It Stops Now: A Story of MicroFeminism In Five Parts “A tsunami may be less than a foot (30 centimeters) in height on the surface of the open ocean, which is why they are not noticed by sailors. But the powerful shock wave of energy travels rapidly through the ocean as fast as a commercial jet.” …

Vanessa McGradyA Story of Microfeminsm in Five Parts

Better Living Through David Bowie, or, How I Became My Own Hero

I’d checked Facebook one last time before I went to sleep, and learned the terrible news. I was flooded with an incomprehensible sadness, an orphaning of sorts. I tossed and turned, trying to explain to myself why the loss of David Bowie meant so much to me personally–I hadn’t been any kind of uberfan. My brain wouldn’t let me sleep …

Vanessa McGradyBetter Living Through David Bowie, or, How I Became My Own Hero

Dads, stop doing this. It's disgusting.

This post was recently syndicated in Ravishly. Have you visited this site yet? Pretty great. This cringe-inducing story about a dad who forced his daughter’s prom date to pose in humiliating pictures made its internet rounds this week, and today, I found this gem: The daughter who presented her pastor father with a certificate that her hymen was “intact.” Hey, kudos …

Vanessa McGradyDads, Stop Doing This. It’s Disgusting.