Wisdom of Dogs

There are so many, many things to write about. Impending nuptials. Another stellar year of camping on the Kern. Our scouting trip to Oregon, which was fun AND productive. What it’s like to be a creative person in a corporate suck-up job. But no, today I will write about dogs and the metaphor. Cinco is our new addition. A charming …

Vanessa McGradyWisdom of Dogs

DIY Wedding

As I’ve said about a million times on this blog, when you’re doing something right, the universe greases your wheels. But what about when you hamfist it? The universe basically throws gobs of bleh at you and makes you start over, refresh. Step away. Reevaluate. And you can’t have clarity until that clarity wants to wash over you like a …

Vanessa McGradyDIY Wedding

The Art of Compromise

I very much loved my solid oak, dovetail-crafted antique dresser, which I’d moved around from cabin to house to apartment since the early 1990s. I had to give it up as my fiance and I negotiated his move into my smallish two-bedroom apartment. I got to keep my couch and loveseat while his went to a quick and savvy Craigslist …

Vanessa McGradyThe Art of Compromise

On the 7th Day She Rocks

I’ve carved out Sundays for my own. Most people know that I’m not up for plans (unless, perhaps, they’ve come from out of town or if it’s a VERY special occasion). Not even the boyfriend gets time on Sundays, and that’s saying a lot. The routine goes like this, generally: wake up, flip through the paper, hit the farmer’s market, …

Vanessa McGradyOn the 7th Day She Rocks

Nesting Frenzy

Here’s what the equasion seems to be: Informed about better-than-expected tax refund + news about great trip to Japan for 10 days + anticipating a child in the home + madly in love with boyfriend = INTENSE NESTING FRENZY On my way to yoga tonight, I thought I’d buy Steve a sweater for Valentine’s Day to introduce the prospect of …

Vanessa McGradyNesting Frenzy

Creative Tear

I am on a creative tear since the year began. I can’t make enough stuff. Doesn’t matter if it’s words or jewelry or things to wear, I’m being all crazy creative. Fabulous boyfriend gave me a sewing machine for Christmas. At the class to learn how to use it I made a bag. This is actually two necklaces This went …

Vanessa McGradyCreative Tear

Written in the Stars

My May horoscope is so right on. It aligned with a phone call that I won a $20 gift certificate from my fave beauty supply shop, and an email I received this morning. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say that I combined two of my favorite things and invented something, picked up a couple creative partners and …

Vanessa McGradyWritten in the Stars