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I was on national TV today, talking about refrigerator recycling. So fun! And hey, someone hand that woman a safety pin!

Vanessa McGradyMore TV

Another Tough Day at the Office

Vanessa and KTLA’s Gayle Anderson talk about ways to save energy this summer.

Vanessa McGradyAnother Tough Day at the Office

For my mother

My mother is not the type to be bowled over by a bouquet of flowers on the door. She’d appreciate them, yes, but more than that, she wants a little chunk of my spirit, something meaningful. This year she asked for a poem. I began it yesterday as I volunteered at the Gibbon Conservation Center. My friend and I had …

Vanessa McGradyFor my mother


My friends and I have been hiking on the weekends. Monster hikes. We see waterfalls and meadows and clover fields and tide pools. We bring dogs and babies and more friends. We leave phones and iPods and makeup somewhere else. It reminds me of Jane Austen novels, in which the party always takes a long walk in the country after …

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A Bear Crapped on My Table

I’ve been told by a very inspiring and influential person to get my papers in order (well, outline and proposal) and start working on my memoir after she read my article about living off the grid in Grist. I feel like I landed on the soft pillow after riding bareback in the woods for years. There is a crack in …

Vanessa McGradyA Bear Crapped on My Table

Cheap Chic! Body Lotion!

My fave bloggers are all about living on the cheap these days; to wit: Bake Like a Ninja and Half-Assed Kitchen. They also happen to be hilarious and lovely people, too. I work with a sassy and charitable and funny woman named Katie. Over lunch the other day, we lamented that our high-power friends who ALWAYS make money are scratching …

Vanessa McGradyCheap Chic! Body Lotion!

How Long Until Election Day?

Old, Grizzled Third-Party Candidate May Steal Support From McCain I’d like to set some new ground rules for our erstwhile candidates and their supporters, because I’m very, very close to switching out completely and listening to JACK-FM in the car, and spending my online time at www.engrish.com. So. If you are running for president or vice president, I respectfully submit …

Vanessa McGradyHow Long Until Election Day?