When you get to be 40licious and start bringing in a regular paycheck, you get to do grown-up things. Like buy property. And do mostly whatever you want to that property. Which is why I one day decided to TAKE OFF MY KITCHEN DOORS AND RE-HANG THEM. Which is really only a job professionals should do. And then, to repair …

Vanessa McGradyDemolition

Camping, 40liciously

This 40licious is seriously considering becoming a vegetarian again. I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of inquiries about where I’ve been from loyal 40licious.org readers. Thank you all for your concern! I couldn’t tell you where I was going, however, because I was delightfully surprised by a camping trip to an undisclosed location. Which turned out to be one …

Vanessa McGradyCamping, 40liciously

Paris for President

See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad and more funny videos on FunnyOrDie.com Thanks to Charlie for this one.

Vanessa McGradyParis for President

I Trusted You

My dear, dear Bio Bag, I wanted to love you. Oh, how I reveled in the thought that you and I would be eco-licious together. We’d go on to save the world. I’d tell two friends, and they’d tell two friends, and so on … I would stuff you full of kitchen trash. You would hold strong for me, and …

Vanessa McGradyI Trusted You