Sex and Gambling Made Easy

When we last left off, dear blreaders (okay, maybe there’s not a good snappy name for “blog readers”), I had great optimism for my feng shui yoga idea, and had won some money and felt all in love and whatnot after practicing in the Prosperity corner and Relationships corner of the studio. Today, I bought a raffle ticket at a …

Vanessa McGradySex and Gambling Made Easy

Quite Possibly My Best Invention Yet

One of the loveliest people I know is Natalie Carter. Who is a Realtor. She’s an excellent confidante, supporter of even the zaniest of notions, and embodies the concept of fabulousness itself. Seriously, if I were ever invited to the Oscars, which I probably will be soon, I will bring Natalie and wear her fat clothes. One day I offered …

Vanessa McGradyQuite Possibly My Best Invention Yet