Law of Attraction

Last night, just as I sheepishly popped a couple two-year old frozen Trader Joe’s burritos into the oven, my neighbor Mia called and invited me over for a beautiful salmon dinner. My cousin Dan (I actually have TWO cousin Dans, but this is the crankier one) hates it when I talk about the Universe (and toxin cleansing), but I think …

Vanessa McGradyLaw of Attraction

Food Porn

I realize how lucky I am being 40licious. By this point, I can have pretty much anything I want. Real estate. Creme de la Mer face cream. Manolos. (Of course, probably not all at the same time.) And although I consider myself a personally charitable person, I’ve been thinking that I really need to step up my community work. A …

Vanessa McGradyFood Porn

The Art of Self Pleasure

It frigging rocks being 40licious. For the obvious reasons, of course, but also because you learn how to make your own self happy. I worked about half of the last 48 hours. I won this really nice environmental award from the company, and didn’t really get to celebrate it with anyone. I was feeling slightly catatonic, very grumpy and somewhat …

Vanessa McGradyThe Art of Self Pleasure

The Best of Bread

I knead you to knead me Today was a long, long day. At least 12 hours at work preparing for this huge annual meeting. I got a lot done. It was kind of fun, actually. I always like scrambling around before the party better than the actual event. A little more than a week ago, I was in the English …

Vanessa McGradyThe Best of Bread