Need Some #ExtraLove? See You Sunday

Well, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to make people safer or more decent, or to dry tears or comfort strangers or give life back to the dead. The only thing I know how to do, really, is this. The next edition of #ExtraLove will be Sunday, Oct. 8 in Griffith Park. We’ll have 300 blank …

Vanessa McGradyNeed Some #ExtraLove? See You Sunday

Creative Tear

I am on a creative tear since the year began. I can’t make enough stuff. Doesn’t matter if it’s words or jewelry or things to wear, I’m being all crazy creative. Fabulous boyfriend gave me a sewing machine for Christmas. At the class to learn how to use it I made a bag. This is actually two necklaces This went …

Vanessa McGradyCreative Tear

Operation Beautiful

I am a huge fan of Operation Beautiful. Here’s how it works: Write an anonymous note to someone on a post-it or whatever, and then just leave it for anyone to see. This could be in a public bathroom, on the bus, between the pages of a library book — wherever. It’s like adding a little change into your good …

Vanessa McGradyOperation Beautiful

Giving Cancer the Boot

If you recall about this time last year, I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in honor of my friend from work who died, Charlene McComas. Being how I am, I took this as a personal challenge and hit up everyone I know for a buck or two. My very, very generous friends — you know who …

Vanessa McGradyGiving Cancer the Boot

Getting Engaged

This video made me want to do something to help somebody. To engage with the world. To shut my trap and actually do something with the creative brew inside. To be a better person. for VP!!!!! Write in!!!!!

Vanessa McGradyGetting Engaged


Lisa is even sassier than I am in photos, if you can believe that. Today, 29,999 other people and I walked all around Newport Beach’s Fashion Island (I actually thought it was a real island. Alas, it is just a chi-chi mall) to look for a cure for breast cancer as part of the Susan G. Komen Race for the …

Vanessa McGradySuccess!

This Is How Amazing You Are

$1,745 That’s how much you’ve donated to my Race/Walk for the Cure effort. You people floor me. LuLuBelle and I will make the trek on Sunday in Orange County, in memory of my colleague, Charlene McComas, the original corporate wacky redhead. But it’s not too late! We are still gleefully accepting small change and big bucks at And thank …

Vanessa McGradyThis Is How Amazing You Are