Love: How to Help Japan One Sake Sip at a Time

A year ago, I was traipsing around Japan with seven other food writers and our beautiful hosts from JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization, who wanted to introduce us to the unique food and beverages of their land. We ate things we’d never imagined, drank new liquors we had no idea existed. We were awed by the Japanese art of …

Vanessa McGradyLove: How to Help Japan One Sake Sip at a Time

Tequila’s stunt double

Looks like bubble bath but it’s really the natural color of the red shiso leaf infused in the shochu. I’m a lucky person, it turns out. So lucky, in fact, that I was invited on a 10-day press trip to Japan, where the good folks of the Japanese External Trade Organization gave me and seven other American writers a crash …

Vanessa McGradyTequila’s stunt double

Salty Is Sweet

Today is the first time I’ve felt equilibrium in what seems like weeks. First, a birthday and engagement. Then off for 10 days to Japan, courtesy of the Japanese External Trade Organization, which brought eight American writers to learn about Japanese food, beverages and culture. I was bowled over every day by how new and different everything was … in …

Vanessa McGradySalty Is Sweet

More Japan: Kumamto

Eight of us are here as the guests of the Japanese government’s trade organization. In 10 days, we are taking a crash course in food, culture and products. It is JETRO’s hope that as journalists, we will promote the places we visit, which is somewhat of a challenge as most of the products aren’t available in the US market. Each …

Vanessa McGradyMore Japan: Kumamto