I see now why it all was the way it was. Because it is supposed to be this.

At 28, you cried in your hippie boyfriend’s bathtub, feeling a hopeless despair, a missing for someone you hadn’t met yet. A neighborhood witch came over and gave you some tea. At 31, in a hotel by the beach as the last moments of Father’s Day ticked away, you told your lover that you were pregnant. Eight weeks later you …

Vanessa McGradyI see now why it all was the way it was. Because it is supposed to be this.

The 40licious Bride: Part V

I see a pattern here, and apologies to those of you who are completely uninterested in reading about our upcoming nuptials. There’s just so much I am noticing since I took so long to get here! Today I shopped for the undergarments that will go with my dress. The dress is a strapless tiered number in a mermaid silhouette made …

Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Part V

Citizen Journalists

By the time you are 40licious, you have amassed an amazing collection of people. One of the people I am proudest to have in my circle is the talented Amanda Koster. She’s a photographer and a writer and she has no concept of “impossible.” She’s a world traveler, but with a mission — help those she encounters along the way. …

Vanessa McGradyCitizen Journalists

The New Economy

I realize that many of my sisters and brothers are walking this earth without a job. I don’t know what I can really do for them. Make dinner. Connect them with people who might know something. Look at their resumes. The latter of which I have been doing a LOT of. For example, my young friend, an IT help-desk whiz, …

Vanessa McGradyThe New Economy

Giving up Lent for Lent

Well well, it’s that time of year again. Lent. We’re really emergency Catholics in our family — those of us that claim any kind of organized spirituality at all — and so I can’t really say with too much smugger-than-thou-ness that I’ve done such-and-such for Lent. I’ve occasionally given up an indulgence here and there, but I always need someone …

Vanessa McGradyGiving up Lent for Lent

What are we?

When you’re 40licious, it’s likely that you have been many places. I’m lucky to have a list of countries I’ve visited on at least two hands, maybe three or even four if I remember hard enough. I didn’t have a corporate job for most of my life so that I could travel where and when I wanted. Now, it feels …

Vanessa McGradyWhat are we?

A Letter to the Girl in the Towel

Dear Current Occupant of My Former Residence on Rowena Street, Busted. You realized that, as you stood at the door, hair in one towel, another wrapped around your LA-too-skinny ass. I really tried to do this in the most civilized manner possible. I left a nice note. You didn’t respond. I went again, with hopes that you would be home …

Vanessa McGradyA Letter to the Girl in the Towel