Pen Is Mightier: Letters I Wrote This Week

1. To Grace’s karate teacher I’m Grace’s mom, and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy watching her in your class and what a great job you do with the kids. It’s the perfect balance of silliness and discipline and I know she has a great time and she will carry those lessons forward. One thing I …

Vanessa McGradyPen Is Mightier: Letters I Wrote This Week

Lindy West Brings Light to the Darkness of Sexual Abuse

Nearly everyone has stories of abuse that transcend a horrific spectrum, men and women, adults and children. Playground teasing that escalates into groping and coercion. Repeated clandestine rape by a family member or “friend.” Jokes and remarks with a subcurrent meant to sexually humiliate someone in the moment, but stay with them forever. It took the ragevision of one woman, Lindy …

Vanessa McGradyLindy West Brings Light to the Darkness of Sexual Abuse

Getting Closer

We’re done. We’re done with all the classes we need for adopting kids from the foster system. Today was a marathon — first session on transracial / transcultural adopotions, and the second with parents who adopted from the system. Without exception, none of them got what they thought they wanted. Those who wanted one got three kids. Those who wanted …

Vanessa McGradyGetting Closer

Moving Forward

Here’s another thing about being 40licious: You have to get stuff done. You realize that nobody will do it for you. You have an idea. Say you want to, I don’t know, open a donut ‘n’ steak hut. You’ve likely spent the first half of your life saying to everyone, “Someday, someday, SOOOOON, I will open a donut ‘n’ steak …

Vanessa McGradyMoving Forward

A relief

They say you shouldn’t make popcorn with Silverwater Secret Spice, pair it with an organic Merlot, and Google old boyfriends. But I say, this combination can lead to an exciting psychological breakthrough. You should try it sometime. Why? Because you might stumble upon some dumb comments said ex made publicly, and learn about the online communities he’s joined and think, …

Vanessa McGradyA relief

40licious and a half

Lesson #7, above. Lucy didn’t get a say in this executive decision. I’ve been 40licious for six months. It’s been amazing, really, the journey to here, so far. The best way to mark it, I think, is to outline 20 things I’ve learned since I got to this point. 1. Sometimes you just have to let things go. Take the …

Vanessa McGrady40licious and a half

Today I turn 40

  And I’m so excited. It’s weird. I feel like I’m 9 3/4 going on 10. I know it’s just a number, a day like any other day, a random point in time that looks nice in our base-10 number system. But here’s what turning 40 as a symbol means to me: That I can do whatever I want. That …

Vanessa McGradyToday I turn 40