Red-faced and smacked down

Jennifer Garner plays hopeful adoptive mom, Vanessa. I know.I’ve done my freaking out over all the similarities in the this movie. My brilliant idea, like many brilliant ideas throughout time and history, has completely backfired. It has singed my eyelashes and turned my skin a deep dark red. It has made my stomach warp in embarrassment, and my shoulders turn …

Vanessa McGradyRed-faced and smacked down

Not Getting What We Want

There has to be a brass ring around here somewhere. My friend Natalie didn’t get her $20 million ranch in Ojai that the Argentinian dermatologist had promised her during their whirlwind romance. My cousin Sean didn’t get the sexy entertainment gig he was so sure was his upon arrival in Hollywood. Many years ago, I didn’t get the baby I …

Vanessa McGradyNot Getting What We Want

5 Easy Secrets of Success

I am learning the secrets of corporate success. Really, they are very simple. 1. make the phone call, or return the phone call.2. show up.3. add your input when requested, even if you haven’t thought about it too hard, because probably nobody else will and the the asker will be eternally grateful that his or her request hasn’t gone into …

Vanessa McGrady5 Easy Secrets of Success

Tweenbot: People, at their core, are good

In the tradition of GREAT things coming out of my alma mater, an NYU student conducted a social experiment to see if strangers would help a derailed robot get to its destination, the southwest corner of Washington Square Park. To paraphrase Anne Frank, I do believe that people don’t suck as much as we generally think they do.

Vanessa McGradyTweenbot: People, at their core, are good

April Fooled

Haha my April Fool’s joke backfired on me. It wasn’t that hilarious to begin with, and I’ll spare you the details, but it involved some pushed-forward clocks, a man who likes to sleep in, anxiety nightmares about said clocks, and a day full of crankiness from no sleep. Next year will be better. I should start planning now though.

Vanessa McGradyApril Fooled

It’s All Practice

I’m applying for another job where I work. It’s not that I don’t like what I’m currently doing — I’m actually quite enjoying it and just had a major splash with the announcement of the largest solar contract in the world. But this other job is a little more lucrative and a little outside my scope. It’s new. I’ve never …

Vanessa McGradyIt’s All Practice

A Better Me

I’m not all crazy for resolutions because I’d like to think that I am constantly evolving, constantly trying to be a more loving and generous and smarter person, no matter what day of the year. There have been the times I’ve vowed to do something new and virtuous as the calendar flipped. Like in 2003, my resolution was to eat …

Vanessa McGradyA Better Me