I Am My Father’s Daughter

My dad was a WWII baby, which basically meant that all that saving of string and rationing of butter they did when he was little had a profound effect on him. Cut to: Patrick McGrady’s pantry 30 years later, where you’d find no less than 10 pounds of rice, a can of yams larger than a human head, huge box …

Vanessa McGradyI Am My Father’s Daughter

Law of Attraction

Last night, just as I sheepishly popped a couple two-year old frozen Trader Joe’s burritos into the oven, my neighbor Mia called and invited me over for a beautiful salmon dinner. My cousin Dan (I actually have TWO cousin Dans, but this is the crankier one) hates it when I talk about the Universe (and toxin cleansing), but I think …

Vanessa McGradyLaw of Attraction

Hey Ladies! Don’t Do This!

Here’s another very important lesson from the 40licious Hall of Greater Learning and Regrets: Do not attempt to use a new bikini-line hair removal cream WITHOUT your contacts in and AFTER two glasses of wine. Pilots will have a very difficult time navigating the landing strip.

Vanessa McGradyHey Ladies! Don’t Do This!

A Life, Unraveled

Blogging: How much do we say? Whose privacy do we sacrifice? What’s best left as veiled metaphor? Read this excellent piece by Emily Gould in the NYT Magazine.

Vanessa McGradyA Life, Unraveled

40 no-so-licious

I realize this will come as a shock to the 40licious fan, but there are some things that are NOT so great about turning 40licious. For example: You think you’re a winner and you blow your $19 in scratch off tickets, reinvest in more tickets, then all you get is one more free ticket. You’d think I’d know that this …

Vanessa McGrady40 no-so-licious

An Open Letter to Paul Schaffer

A few months ago, a lovely guy named Scott at work felt sorry for me when he learned that I had NO TV. So he cleared out his rec room/poker space and donated his television to the Irish-American Pop Culture Scholarship Fund, which happens to be housed here on Louise Street. So tonight I was watching said electronic appliance, and …

Vanessa McGradyAn Open Letter to Paul Schaffer

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

One very good thing about being 40licious is that your powers of insight become more finely honed. You can scan situations and people and get a read in mere fractions of a seconds. Bionic, pretty much. However. However. However, when you turn your powers on your own 40licious self, you can be in for a world of awakening, and not …

Vanessa McGradyYou’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away