In 1983, I was at Chimacum High School in the farthest boondocks of Washington State. I was 15. Alternately a good kid and a raging lunatic. I was woefully unpopular and growing out an unfortunate asymmetrical haircut. I was learning to drive and listening to the Stones and The Who and Duran Duran and I even lip-synched Irene Cara’s “Why …

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Across the Great Divide

The first time I saw Nanci Griffith was in 1993. Jefe and I were leaving our messy, gritty, extraordinarily fun lives behind in Gallup, New Mexico, where we learned to be reporters and we’d finally gotten the hang of the two-step. I’d pretty much sabotaged the relationship, even though I was deeply, madly connected with this quirky and funny and …

Vanessa McGradyAcross the Great Divide

The Best 6 Minutes of Your Evening

Thanks to my new friend Kevin Bronson (yes, THE Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands.la) for turning me on to this. If you are a fan of live music, or even if the closest you’ve been to a club is at your cousin’s penny-ante poker game, bookmark his site.

Vanessa McGradyThe Best 6 Minutes of Your Evening

Soundtrack of Our Lives

Could It Be Magic – Barry Manilow When you’re 40licious, you have a very specific soundtrack to your life. My first memories of music were dancing for anyone who would watch in my dad’s home office, the long leather couch a stage, to Teresa Brewer’s “Put Another Nickel in Music Music Music.” Later, there was listening to disco and yacht …

Vanessa McGradySoundtrack of Our Lives

It may surprise those who know me that I am crazy for Christmas music and have more than 450 songs from various artists on my iTunes (who knew there was a Barbershop Christmas!?). It may NOT surprise you that I am also a HUGE Beatles’ fan, and this is one of the most fun products from them. It may help …

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Yes, We Think We Can Dance

For some, it’s glorious to watch Phelps glide through the water as if he were wrought from the loins of Neptune himself. For others, the ceremony and passion of nations coming together in friendship and sport warms cockles and muscles. For the McGradys, however, we’ve found our competition … and we’re in it to win it. Ladies and gentlemen, sports …

Vanessa McGradyYes, We Think We Can Dance

Good Vibrations

California Girls Last night my friend scored tickets to see a live, intimate taping of Brian Wilson at the Nissan-Yahoo concert series. It was the two of us, Brian’s amazing band, and about 200 of our closest friends, includingHarry Shearer, a/k/aMr. Burns, a/k/a Derek Smalls. And Rodney Bingenheimer and Darrell Hammond. Plus we saw Kelsey Grammar walking by. Star sightings …

Vanessa McGradyGood Vibrations