A Nation of Mediocrity

I don’t talk much about work in this blog. But something struck me today. We work so hard to get renewable energy into California. This is energy that comes from the sun, wind, geothermal, water and cow poop and other organic waste sources. Of course you need to get that energy TO people, via transmission lines. Because everyone so desperately …

Vanessa McGradyA Nation of Mediocrity

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

One very good thing about being 40licious is that your powers of insight become more finely honed. You can scan situations and people and get a read in mere fractions of a seconds. Bionic, pretty much. However. However. However, when you turn your powers on your own 40licious self, you can be in for a world of awakening, and not …

Vanessa McGradyYou’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Hippie Mom Purse

Every now and then, because I am 40licious and because it’s my site, I will spend a little time on a pedantic retrospective of my career. But I will only load up things I really like. Like this one. Hippie Mom Purse My mother, Colleen Bennett-McGrady, walks me outside our apartment building circa 1969.

Vanessa McGradyHippie Mom Purse

Today I turn 40

  And I’m so excited. It’s weird. I feel like I’m 9 3/4 going on 10. I know it’s just a number, a day like any other day, a random point in time that looks nice in our base-10 number system. But here’s what turning 40 as a symbol means to me: That I can do whatever I want. That …

Vanessa McGradyToday I turn 40