Relationships: Lucy the Dog Part IV

She’s free. Yesterday would have been to soon to let her go and tomorrow too late. She was done, her beautiful body broken beyond repair, its parts all worn out. I was not ready to let her go. In between wracking sobs, I kept telling her things I wanted her to have in her mind on her last day. Things …

Vanessa McGradyRelationships: Lucy the Dog Part IV

Relationships: Lucy the Dog Part III

Somewhere along the way, Cinco and Lucy became best friends. My girl is shutting down. She ate a little ice cream today, and drank hardly any water. We went outside about 10 times, walking slowly, doing nothing. Two girls, just walking together. Going anywhere. Nowhere. People are coming to say goodbye to her. She made a lot of friends, this …

Vanessa McGradyRelationships: Lucy the Dog Part III

Relationships: Lucy the Dog Part II

I have three years’ worth of favorite memories with my husband, and seven months’ with my kid. For Lucy, I have 14 years of experience. It’s not full of adventure and mishap. It’s two friends who lived together and loved each other and went a lot of places. To me, my time with Lu is a novel, a movie, a …

Vanessa McGradyRelationships: Lucy the Dog Part II

Relationships: Lucy the Dog Part I

The first time I saw Lucy was in the spring of 1998. She was on a sliver of shoulder on a twisty road. One wrong step would have sent her down a sheer cliff to the frigid waters of Discovery Bay on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. I slowed down to get a better look at this sleek, quick mutt, a cross …

Vanessa McGradyRelationships: Lucy the Dog Part I

Please Be OK

For the past three days, the small, sweet dog who is the fourth member of our household has been curled up in a ball, in his crate. He’s been given the comfiest pillow, and the choicest of bland foods (scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, chicken broth, plain white rice). He won’t eat. He won’t drink. He’s also been signaling with bile …

Vanessa McGradyPlease Be OK

Well, he’s not retarded

From the second I saw him on May 1 of this year, I loved him, this little dog our neighbor found on the 5 freeway. Which is why we ended up calling him Cinco. I successfully found a new home for this flea-bitten, stranger-humping, indoor peeing little tornado of a beast. But we decided to keep him. Even though he …

Vanessa McGradyWell, he’s not retarded

Wisdom of Dogs

There are so many, many things to write about. Impending nuptials. Another stellar year of camping on the Kern. Our scouting trip to Oregon, which was fun AND productive. What it’s like to be a creative person in a corporate suck-up job. But no, today I will write about dogs and the metaphor. Cinco is our new addition. A charming …

Vanessa McGradyWisdom of Dogs