Giving up Lent for Lent

Well well, it’s that time of year again. Lent. We’re really emergency Catholics in our family — those of us that claim any kind of organized spirituality at all — and so I can’t really say with too much smugger-than-thou-ness that I’ve done such-and-such for Lent. I’ve occasionally given up an indulgence here and there, but I always need someone …

Vanessa McGradyGiving up Lent for Lent

Frosty is Jesus!

It’s taken me 40 years to realize this — Frosty is Jesus! Here are just a few of the uncanny parallels: It’s all about rebirth. The kids believe! (his disciples and followers), while the Evil Magician (Pontius Pilot/John the Baptist) is trying to squash him. He goes away, into a greenhouse (a cave), where his true friend, a girl (Mary …

Vanessa McGradyFrosty is Jesus!

Reverse Warrior

Yoga is a metaphor for everything else. You seriously could drive yourself half bats making all the intellectual, spiritual and emotional connections. In yoga there is a counter pose for every pose. When you spend time bending forward, you move into a back bend. When you stretch left, you stretch right. And so on. There is a series of poses …

Vanessa McGradyReverse Warrior

So Many Surprises at 40licious

Someone I work with died. I knew her well enough that we had a mutual admiration for each other as “the other non-corporate wacky redhead.” The first couple months I got there, Charlene McComas was planning a trip to Seattle. I did a brain dump and told her all the things I’d do if I were going home. She brought …

Vanessa McGradySo Many Surprises at 40licious

40 no-so-licious

I realize this will come as a shock to the 40licious fan, but there are some things that are NOT so great about turning 40licious. For example: You think you’re a winner and you blow your $19 in scratch off tickets, reinvest in more tickets, then all you get is one more free ticket. You’d think I’d know that this …

Vanessa McGrady40 no-so-licious

Quite Possibly My Best Invention Yet

One of the loveliest people I know is Natalie Carter. Who is a Realtor. She’s an excellent confidante, supporter of even the zaniest of notions, and embodies the concept of fabulousness itself. Seriously, if I were ever invited to the Oscars, which I probably will be soon, I will bring Natalie and wear her fat clothes. One day I offered …

Vanessa McGradyQuite Possibly My Best Invention Yet

Angel Cakes

Today I had one of my favorite conversations ever. It went exactly like this:Him: I’m writing a song about you. It’s about how you’re my angel.Me: I don’t think I can be your angel. I swear way too much.Him: It’s called “My Fucking Angel.”

Vanessa McGradyAngel Cakes