Style: Use Coupon Codes for Online Shopping

If the surfing you do today is more on the web than on the waves, try these coupon codes for smokin’ hot deals: 1. Kohl’s: Take 15% off everything with coupon STACK15.2. Ann Taylor: Extra 40% off Sale Styles with code EXTRA40.3. Sears: Get $20 off orders of $200 or more with coupon code FIREWORKS. 4. The Body Shop: Get …

Vanessa McGradyStyle: Use Coupon Codes for Online Shopping

The 40licious Bride: Part V

I see a pattern here, and apologies to those of you who are completely uninterested in reading about our upcoming nuptials. There’s just so much I am noticing since I took so long to get here! Today I shopped for the undergarments that will go with my dress. The dress is a strapless tiered number in a mermaid silhouette made …

Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Part V

The 40licious Bride: Part II

I’m a very practical person, which is handy, because I am also a very environmentally conscious person. Most of the stuff I have has been either gifted, found, traded, or ThriftScored. We’re trying to be as sustainable as possible with our wedding. For the most part, that’s easy. We’ve chosen a local caterer who uses fresh seasonal foods that don’t …

Vanessa McGradyThe 40licious Bride: Part II

Nesting Frenzy

Here’s what the equasion seems to be: Informed about better-than-expected tax refund + news about great trip to Japan for 10 days + anticipating a child in the home + madly in love with boyfriend = INTENSE NESTING FRENZY On my way to yoga tonight, I thought I’d buy Steve a sweater for Valentine’s Day to introduce the prospect of …

Vanessa McGradyNesting Frenzy

Spring Brings

New things. A fresh take, a new chance for resolutions, for a clean slate, a shining plate. I have a giant new bed. It is huge. It takes up most of my room. It spans time zones and languages and carbon dating and fault lines. It makes me feel like I am in a hotel, in transit, in someone else’s …

Vanessa McGradySpring Brings

Some Things Are Better Left Undone

Dear World Market, I currently have, in my possession, an exotic chocolate bar from your fine establishment, which I frequent with great regularity to purchase below-market wine, Indian-patterned table linens, thoughtful gift items, Asian-themed paper lanterns, distressed espresso-finished office furniture, and my Myers natural cleaning solution. I especially love the wide variety of sauces, spices, treats and teas you procure …

Vanessa McGradySome Things Are Better Left Undone

Tonight I wish I had a big declaration to make. I wish I could say I’ve given it all up to move to Montana and open a junk store. A small town, perhaps, where recycling is encouraged, and they need just my brand of savoir faire for a cafe-slash-artspace that I will open. Also, you could buy the stuff in …

Vanessa McGrady