Dads, stop doing this. It's disgusting.

This post was recently syndicated in Ravishly. Have you visited this site yet? Pretty great. This cringe-inducing story about a dad who forced his daughter’s prom date to pose in humiliating pictures made its internet rounds this week, and today, I found this gem: The daughter who presented her pastor father with a certificate that her hymen was “intact.” Hey, kudos …

Vanessa McGradyDads, Stop Doing This. It’s Disgusting.

Lindy West Brings Light to the Darkness of Sexual Abuse

Nearly everyone has stories of abuse that transcend a horrific spectrum, men and women, adults and children. Playground teasing that escalates into groping and coercion. Repeated clandestine rape by a family member or “friend.” Jokes and remarks with a subcurrent meant to sexually humiliate someone in the moment, but stay with them forever. It took the ragevision of one woman, Lindy …

Vanessa McGradyLindy West Brings Light to the Darkness of Sexual Abuse

In Praise of the 55-Year-Old Man

I want to respond to Tom Junod‘s piece that essentially declares 42-year-old women acceptable — and possibly even desirable — for goodsexyfuntime. After all, Tom essentially says, this is not your father’s 42-year-old! Were I to craft such a piece, I would praise, for sake of a number and because Junod was born in 1958, a 55-year-old man. I would talk about …

Vanessa McGradyIn Praise of the 55-Year-Old Man

The “vagankle”: No pussy-footing around

It came to pass that my brain became annoyed with my uterus and sex organs, then downright mad, and after a couple years, nobody was speaking to each other. I went on my way, barely noticing the rift. I focused on other things: My kid. Work. Popsicles for breakfast. A divorce. My friend Linda performed a reiki session on me, …

Vanessa McGradyThe “vagankle”: No pussy-footing around

Relatonships: Sex Is Different for Women in Their 40s

Pat Love This is the second post featuring Pat Love, an aptly-named expert on relationships and author of many books including “Hot Monogamy” with Jo, and “The Truth About Love.” In a recent interview, we talked about how sex changes for many women in their 40s. PAT LOVE: Two-thirds of women don’t feel like having sex until orgasm is imminent. …

Vanessa McGradyRelatonships: Sex Is Different for Women in Their 40s

Relationships: Women in Their 40s Have More Orgasms

Fake it ’til you make it, baby! As if you needed another reason to be grateful for your 40licious years, a roundup article on orgasms in EmpowHer give us this: “Orgasm gets better with age. … the quality and frequency of orgasm may actually improve with age. While 61 percent of women ages 18 to 24 experienced orgasm the last …

Vanessa McGradyRelationships: Women in Their 40s Have More Orgasms

Work: Sexual Harassment Still Common in the Workplace

“In some ways this suggests that sexual harassment is such a widespread problem that women have figured out ways to deal with it so it doesn’t interfere with their psychological well-being.” We came of age in the ’80s, when we suited up with shoulder pads and looked to movies such as 9 to 5 and Working Girl as our plucky …

Vanessa McGradyWork: Sexual Harassment Still Common in the Workplace