Dads, stop doing this. It's disgusting.

This post was recently syndicated in Ravishly.┬áHave you visited this site yet? Pretty great. This cringe-inducing story about a dad who forced his daughter’s prom date to pose in humiliating pictures made its internet rounds this week, and today, I found this gem: The daughter who presented her pastor father with a certificate that her hymen was “intact.” Hey, kudos …

Vanessa McGradyDads, Stop Doing This. It’s Disgusting.

Hit Me

It took me a while to learn how to win at Blackjack. You can’t be all intuitive about it. You can’t bet on a strong feeling that the dealer has a 16 and that your next card on an 18 will be a 3. You just follow the rules — what cards warrant a hit, what warrants a stay. So …

Vanessa McGradyHit Me


Here’s the part about social media that I think we forget. The word “social” and all it implies. For example, you wouldn’t really barge into a group of people you didn’t know and start talking about your needs. Who the f cares? People help people they know. I was aghast and ashamed at the backlash I got from the pregnant …

Vanessa McGradyGlimmer

Where the Light Is

There’s that old joke about the drunk looking for something under a lamppost. A cop comes over and asks what he’s doing. “Looking for my keys,” the drunk says. “I dropped them across the street.” “Well if you dropped them across the street, why are you looking for them here?” “The light’s better.” Which reminds me of something I tell …

Vanessa McGradyWhere the Light Is