Packing the Spiritual Pickup Truck

I want to say that I’ve spent the last month doing something incredible, like composing a concerto for violin and washboard, or knitting booties for poor babies in cold parts of the world. But I haven’t. Instead, we’ve re-homed Cinco the Chihuahua, who was deeply depressed without his Lucy and cried every day, and then snapped at the baby. There …

Vanessa McGradyPacking the Spiritual Pickup Truck

Spirit: Big Fat Lies Moms Believe OR How to Break Free From Your Inner Critic

Today’s post comes from Amy Ahlers, a certified life coach and author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar.  When I became a mom I also became more self‐critical. It was as if when I gave birth to my daughter, I also gave birth to a new clan of Inner …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: Big Fat Lies Moms Believe OR How to Break Free From Your Inner Critic

Spirit: Really Want to Know You

You’d think that at 40licious you’d get more fixed in your beliefs. I think I am becoming more fluid. There are some basics that I know won’t change: I must exercise every day or I will get wonky and fat. I must be my best self and as nice as I possibly can be, in writing and in person, to …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: Really Want to Know You

Spirit: Lessons of 9/11

These ones came back. I don’t know how I will talk to my daughter about 9/11. She is only three months old. I don’t know when I will tell her what the story through my lens on that day 10 years ago: The booming growl of the first plane waking me up from a sound sleep on Linda’s couch. The …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: Lessons of 9/11

Spirit: Donate Your Bra to Support Domestic Violence Victims

Soma Intimates, a national chain of lingerie stores, is holding a charity initiative to collect new and gently used bras for women in need. “Giving Is Beautiful” takes donations of bras at Soma Intimates boutiques, or via a mail-in option is provided with details at through Aug. 14. According to Soma executives, bras are one of the least donated …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: Donate Your Bra to Support Domestic Violence Victims

Spirit: What Are Your Core Values?

Pat Love When I mentioned my blog and forthcoming book to my cousin Jo Robinson, who is a rock star in the health and relationship writing arena, she said I absolutely must talk to Pat Love. And she was right, because after we spoke, I realized that the work Love is doing is the lynchpin to what we’re navigating as …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: What Are Your Core Values?

Spirit: How to Feng Shui for Baby

Laura Carrillo Today’s post comes from Laura Carrillo, a Los Angeles-based feng shui consultant. I met Laura on a transcontinental plane ride a couple years ago and we’ve been friends ever since, and I was one of her first guinea pigs when she started her practice. A couple months ago she saw how distressed I was from waiting what seemed …

Vanessa McGradySpirit: How to Feng Shui for Baby