Salty Is Sweet

Today is the first time I’ve felt equilibrium in what seems like weeks. First, a birthday and engagement. Then off for 10 days to Japan, courtesy of the Japanese External Trade Organization, which brought eight American writers to learn about Japanese food, beverages and culture. I was bowled over every day by how new and different everything was … in …

Vanessa McGradySalty Is Sweet

More Japan: Kumamto

Eight of us are here as the guests of the Japanese government’s trade organization. In 10 days, we are taking a crash course in food, culture and products. It is JETRO’s hope that as journalists, we will promote the places we visit, which is somewhat of a challenge as most of the products aren’t available in the US market. Each …

Vanessa McGradyMore Japan: Kumamto

40licious: Highly Recommended

I remember turning 40licious two years ago, and I thought I’d arrived. That I’d hit the spiritual jackpot. That I’d arrived in a room without any walls, a game in which I created the rules, and a plan with no roaming charges. Then yesterday, my third installment of 40licious (chronolocially 42) bestowed even more heaps of blessings on me. My …

Vanessa McGrady40licious: Highly Recommended


I very much realize that it’s a non-entry to write about how I am not keeping you readers updated, nor even mildly entertained. But I also see that of the 20 or so regular blogs I follow, nobody else is either. Maybe school hard-wires us to take the summer off. Which is pretty much all I want to do — …

Vanessa McGradySummer

Citizen Journalists

By the time you are 40licious, you have amassed an amazing collection of people. One of the people I am proudest to have in my circle is the talented Amanda Koster. She’s a photographer and a writer and she has no concept of “impossible.” She’s a world traveler, but with a mission — help those she encounters along the way. …

Vanessa McGradyCitizen Journalists

What are we?

When you’re 40licious, it’s likely that you have been many places. I’m lucky to have a list of countries I’ve visited on at least two hands, maybe three or even four if I remember hard enough. I didn’t have a corporate job for most of my life so that I could travel where and when I wanted. Now, it feels …

Vanessa McGradyWhat are we?

I Can’t Take It

Everybody’s relatives and friends are dying at work. I am so sad for them. Crap. That must mean it’s my turn soon to have a friend or relative die. Um, God, you didn’t read that. Just skip over that part. I am alternately thrilled and overwhelmed and frustrated at work. I am happy when I can rock a good non-corporate, …

Vanessa McGradyI Can’t Take It