The Maine Event

Cousin Elizabeth’s daughter, Mary, can kick anyone’s hiney when it comes to monkey bars. Each October I haul my tukus all the way to Maine, where I go to recharge in nearly every way. First I spend time with family, get all gushy, and fantasize about moving here (where you can buy a huge house with water view for 300K, …

Vanessa McGradyThe Maine Event

A Dog’s Life

This weekend I needed to get out of the house. It’s about two weeks into chaos due to my kitchen remodeling, and at this late date, I am still insecure about my choice of countertop. I am closest to deciding on the granite that looks like early-morning television snow (if you are under 35, go ask your parents what this …

Vanessa McGradyA Dog’s Life

Camping, 40liciously

This 40licious is seriously considering becoming a vegetarian again. I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of inquiries about where I’ve been from loyal 40licious.org readers. Thank you all for your concern! I couldn’t tell you where I was going, however, because I was delightfully surprised by a camping trip to an undisclosed location. Which turned out to be one …

Vanessa McGradyCamping, 40liciously

Where’s the Beer?

Can you spot the beers in this picture? (Hint: probably not) About three bazillion years ago, a fresh-faced, enthusiastic young writer called me and invited me to lunch. We went to a Red Robin/TGIF/Place They Make Waiters Wear “Flair” somewhere on the other side of the 520 bridge, in Microsoft land. She wanted to find out everything she could about …

Vanessa McGradyWhere’s the Beer?

Salaam Garage

I’d like to take a few of these precious cyber lines to talk about my friend and collaborator, Amanda Koster. Amanda is a photographer. But not just ANY photographer. She’s one of the most socially compassionate people I’ve known. Ever. Her heart bleeds, much like yours and mine, most likely. But here’s the difference: Amanda sees some kind of injustice …

Vanessa McGradySalaam Garage

Now I Get It (Bonus: My New Boyfriend!)

Aha! Now I understand. It’s always been sort of creepy to me that there are few, if any, 40licious people in Los Angeles. Now that I’m spending the week in Palm Springs, I understnd that Nature abors Nice ‘n’ Easy and that all the post-40liciouses come here. Therin lies the balance! I thought that the epitome of happiness was bopping …

Vanessa McGradyNow I Get It (Bonus: My New Boyfriend!)

England pictures are up!

I will not bore my friends by showing them my vacation photos. However, if you would like to see them, they’re here.

Vanessa McGradyEngland pictures are up!