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Today I may have ruptured heretofore unknown internal organs from laughing so much over the last 24 hours, and quite possibly my heart, which is bursting from all the love I’ve been getting from nearly everyone I know, everywhere. Today I started a novel that kicked down the door of my inner life and finally spilled into words made of letters. Today I bought …

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Fun: Adelaide Gives Back the Mink, etc.

Instead of working on a proper blog post for today I spent the time watching the Frank Sinatra/Marlon Brando version of Guys and Dolls. Interesting meditation on good/bad, marriage/single, faith/luck, religion/spirit. Do you think the messages hold up from 1938? Vivian Blaine, whom I suspect was verging on 40licious as Adelaide, stole it all away.

Vanessa McGradyFun: Adelaide Gives Back the Mink, etc.

Health: Telomeres Affect Aging (and Exactly What Is a Telomere Anyway?)

Telomeres and AgingBy Wendy HanlanThis post originally appeared on WendyHanlan.com Okay, what is all the buzz about telomeres? I’m hearing that the research they’re doing on telomeres is going to completely change the anti-aging industry and the products that will be available to us. Am I interested? A resounding YES! I’ve decided to do some research on the subject of …

Vanessa McGradyHealth: Telomeres Affect Aging (and Exactly What Is a Telomere Anyway?)


I just returned from a seven-day road trip. There is very little glamor, after at least five of these now, in traveling with a slightly stinky beagly mutt in a Prius. And a man who can do a scary-good Tom Jones.  But I can say this, now that I’m letting the rumble of the road wear off with a fresh …

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A really important message

Bratz Dolls May Give Young Girls Unrealistic Expectations Of Head Size

Vanessa McGradyA really important message